Francis story(new)

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dear francis,
           Time seems to have erased the pain as i see it,
everyone else has moved on.Even i has moved on maybe at
a rate much slower still haunt me though..still talk about you even to the extent of being labelled a lunatic..and someone whos obsessed with a dead man that is you..cant help it though.
        Where you are must be nice as i hardly see you anymore..
and hey your car is on the road again ..the color is still red and
how it reminds me of those better days of for the original bruus we all are apart as always and yet are you? stupid rite to ask a dead soul on how are you...but then i feel as if youre still here...i know you can you be gone when we were just getting not that good mental health is dipping below the average point..i've
become something that i just cant define...even though im tryin to cope with the ongoings these thoughts and visions are holdin' me by my throat..and it feels as if they wont let me go..where are you? wont you come and save me?
      17 months ago you left without saying goodbye and when i saw you before you were laid to rest i said to myself that this cant be real..youre not spose to die when youre just 24...i know you are not're alive and people will get to know you...i met a girl who said francis lalhrilha now lives in cyber space..maybe its true coz as of now this is the only place on earth that i can find and talk to you...i know bruu that
we all are gona join you someday...and i know that we'll all laugh again together but why were you in such a hurry to many questions you've left unanswered...when will this end?
          Remember st.pauls high when we were in standard 9 and i was down and out with pneumonia for 5 long months..and you came to visit with the yellow jacket and dark came to cheer me up..and you did and never came again though..and how i use to long for ur visits...
     oh yea i also remember mary mount were frens with some other guys..the macho ones..and i would always come to you for help when someone bullied me and made me when i look back i've always looked up to you..i still were my saving still safe i used to feel when you were were there to protect me..
 believe maybe im a coward..i feel so vulnerable alone..
   francis for me you are ..will always be my friend and that im never going to forget you...
 wherever you are bruu..always remember ..your a legend...
                   ---your pal