Poems for Francis!

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                    "around nothingness"-omar 
        Tryin' but still bleedin' inside,
 and this darkness would just not go away,
  where you are must be cold,
 i,really don't know what i've become....
 emptiness slowly eatin' my thoughts up,
your absence does not help either,
 will i be forgotten,will u still remember me then
 I'm holdin' on to the world that is nothing,
the pain of losin' is all mine,
alright to me if they dont understand,
you were made only for me...
 when i look up,do u see me?
or do u see the nothingness inside of me,
come home now,we're all waiting for you...

                   Nobody here(needs me)
        The winter 's dancin' coz' maybe im not there anymore,
  i thought i'd live to see my wounds gettin' healed,
   but im not here anymore,everyone has left and im alone,
 now i know its for real...that nobody here needs me
#they cant hear my screams,they cant feel me no longer,
 but still im tied up here...feelin' cold
 So,i saw u faked a tear,i saw right thru' you,
there i was meant to sleep forever,there you were feelin' so content,
 but then im glad to know that i wont be hurtin' again,
coz' i just cant stay,me knowin' that nobody here needs me
#they cant see me,they cant see me,
     but its alright,i cant be touched anymore!
                 ----salim omar(written on the 29th of november 03)   

                             come..could be(salim omar)
            written for francis on the 6th of december.(.on my way to nowhere)
                come,dont feel changed,nothin' is alright,
           prayin' that you and i would get to cross each other's path,
       and i know that you're scared as me still,even though you've left.
 ch: come,could be...i  not you,
      and i know if you were me you'd do it for me too,
    i miss  you so,please believe me,
  and i know that you'd do it for me too....if you were me..
   You're not alive,is that what you want me to believe,
 life aint good when you're not around me,
 please try lookin' thru' me.
   me while im facin' the world thats not for uslife aint really good..when you're not around...
                 (rep ch)
 come..could and not you,
i know  that its me who's scared..
 but then i know you would the same for me..if you were me...


I want to see what people saw
I want to feel like I felt before
I want to see the kingdom come
I want to feel forever young
I want to sing
To sing my song
I want to live in a world where I belong
I want to live I will survive
And I believe that it won't be very long

If we turn, turn, turn, turn, turn
Then we might learn

So where's the stars?
Up in the sky And what's the moon?
A big balloon?
We'll never know unless we grow
There's so much world outside the door
I want to sing
To sing my song
I want to live in a world where I'll be strong
I want to live I will survive
And I believe that it won't be very long

If we turn, turn, turn, turn
And if we turn, turn, turn, turn
Then we might learn
Turn, turn, turn, turn Turn, turn, turn
And if we turn, turn, turn, turn
Then we might learn
Learn to turn

                             Dead and away(for christmas)
  i'll be away,i wont be anywhere close,
to you,or to anyone...
 i saw you smiling at me,but so sad,
im not me and i dont care anymore...
#dont be afraid,i mean you no harm,
but i wont be home for christmas...
coz im dead for them all...and for you....
your tears they steal my show,
 what if they were for forever..
but ill be forgotten, a memory that will last
for two hours...
#im not so happy here,
but then i want you to know,
that i wont be there for christmas...
coz im gone and dead...for them all....
# am i too? or is it you?
how unfair?
still i wont be there for christmas...
            (heavily inspired from the song by MEW "she came home
for christmas)

                           Becoming You(salim)
            A mother cries in the dark,
 emptiness creeping inside of her,
and she wish for the day she'd be taken too
         sHE LAughs when she remembers,
all the things she has forgotten about yesterday,
   how she frowns when she see him falling'
      All the words they fade away,
what she wants is to be free,
 and she wonders on where does her prayers go,
   Then she takes a walk,
she cannot avoid the sound of laughter in his voice,
but they too have all died..she knows so she feels nothing,
  All the flowers meant for him,
now lays waste in her dreams,
and the song reminds her of all that she's missing,
 She wonders if he would feel cold,
as he lays deep in his sleep,
but the distance between them is wide ,
helpless she screams but no one hears,
 a MOther wishes she were gone too.....
                (my fav' ..i wrote this a few weeks ago..dont know
words just came in from nowhere)

 true that this heart is hurtin',
i've become lifeless,so dead inside,
im haunted by these memories,
that i wish i didnt have..
 true that im not the same anymore,
i fell off from the highest grace,
could not save myself,wish i had another chance,
the darkness still surrounds my world,
when will it fade away?
i'm so afraid please wake me up,
wake me up......

Some of the poems i wrote on the my apartment..after his death...
    theres more to come...theres more to come!!

THis photograph will suit the MY WORLD POEM!!

i wish i felt nothing (jakob dylan)

Say when you're alone
It's better 'cause nobody knows you
When no one's your friend
It's better 'cause nobody leaves you
So you turned your back
On a world that you could never have
'Cause your heart's been cracked
And everyone else's is going mad

But I hear voices
And I see colors
But I wish I felt nothing
Then it might be easy for me
Like it is for you

Now all of these people
Come up from deep holes
Pulling you down
And it's just no use
When all the abuse follows you 'round
By the morning you've gone
Leaving me here all alone
Saying it's no mystery
I know that nobody here needs me


And I know you believe 
That you and me don't belong here
And the worst we could do
Is keep trying to pretend we care

Words and Music by Jakob Dylan
(p) & (c) 1996 Interscope Records

  THIS is how far i am,
distance cant keep me close,
  dont try to feel me now,
coz im not your anymore
# i believe in One,
believe that its good,
i believe in One,
alone yet so warm

      A little defeated but ill be around,
just to take all that i need,
     My concrete veins out in the sun,
i miss them like i miss you now
# Im tryin' to find you again,
yea im on the same freeway,
where you and i once laughed,
wish i could find you..i really want to..
  And my poems taught in the valley,
but the meanings i only know,
  Will you be there on that freeway,
maybe next friday night?
  ( rep ch)

                                Again(my world-2)
            DArkness surrounds my world,
        it wont fade away im told,
  All these stories of mine,are they gettin'sold?,
 still i wonder how things grow old...
    Starin' at the wall,wish i could see the green fields,
and watch my yellow enemies covered in their shields,
      And why are these seeds so green?
 when they learn to walk,i find them so mean..
    Six feet under now,covered with grey and soiled sheets,
   Wish you could hear me whisper underneath,
     You're gone and so now dead are we?
  Help my world find a better new day
                          -written on the 4th of dec.

                      "Just stay here now"
                                      (-salim omar)
       Come close to me,
dont look at me as if you're so gone,
      Stay close to me,
im feelin' cold,make me feel warm..
# yes,you can..will always,
be with me,not to them..
no one else really cares...
 I, long for your call,
i know i will see you again,
 hope youre able to feelings...
#please stay here,always be,
never go..away again...

                                " when we're there"(omar)
                iM Afraid,
      wont you please let me go?
 these unfounded fears are all yours,
  and im all but everything to you
but please let me go..coz i just cant stay
        Im Raped,
  please now put me together,
is it coz im not pure..or is it that you're
not sure?
 and yes let me go...coz i just cant stay
      Im Dead,
And im fallin' to pieces,
coz i thought you were mine...
but you left and never looked back...
so now let me go...i,too just cannot stay....!

                                 "Era another"(omar)
                Weak and torn ,how are you?
        hope the guilt will slowly kill you..
    but then its true that i dont hate you Anymore,
 # take away everything,you're God
and everythin's else is such a Bore....
          He was the only one,
 but then you took him too,
 im not angry just that i dont like what ur doing,
     #take away everything,you're God
everythin's such a Bore anyways....!

                                 YoUR Forgotten Me(salim)
         So, you feel the same way like i do,
 dont know but i think you;re faking too,
    iM still here..still loved..still hated,
and this world's still a hazy place...
#yea remember me,im your forgotten me,
Left behind by you..and i want to be somewhere like you..
  So, it seems you wont ever return,
think ill just light myself up and burn..
 before im told not to do it again..
#yea remember your forgotten me,
left behind by you..wish i were there like you...

 sleep(-salim omar)
    Broken hearts,Hopin' for your return,
this world is theirs,its filled with them,
they're not holdin' on..they've let it all go,
#so,they sleep with no comfort,
and die everyday,
sleep with no dreams,
and die everyday
Broken dreams,smiles taken away,
they allowed you to go,coz they never knew,
that you would leave..shattering them dreams
#so they sleep with nothing,
and die everyday,
they sleep with you,
and die everyday