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        Francis with lala and israel...well this was the
day he had a big fight with his girlfren...he was to attend the function
a little late..but anyways...we all had a great always and
a big cliche dont u think!!!......a la rei loh nen.....i mean im here
still walkin' on this earth..while somewhere...buried...
gone....but i never  tried to break you....


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with francis's  younger bros...andrew and remsanga...
this was taken 10 days after his really out
of still still there...

A man can never dream !!
Isa--this photograph is haunting,its got a feel to reminds me of that song.."songbird"--

hAPPY days are gone too soon!!

It's 4 in the morning..its drizzling,my eyes feels like they're gona bleed,

  i thought of Francis and i felt his smile..really wanted to touch it,

 If i could,i would......miss you bruu!!