Sawma and Salim

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salim omar!!

        SALIM OMAR:-
 So,now i come to myself,was born on the 26th of the second youngest in the family...chawlhmun is where i live with my family....i have 4 older siblings and 1 younger bro plus a nephew named a trainee advocate by proffession...also am the only Indian among the bruu..i have a mizo mother by the way!!
      Its an honour really to be a part of the bruus...their acceptance for what i am makes me feel more good...i completed my schoolin' in delhi..after which i enrolled myself at Nagpur university....thats where i completed my 4 year integrated law research studies...and yea am single..dont really care....this is it about so boring anyways!!!!

       Lalmalsawma aka spt!!!---
 Really if not for sawma this website would not have taken place,he along with francis called me up think it was september..when they both advised me to create a webpage for the bruus....little do i know 2 months later id be here with my laptop working hurts for it took a death to make me realise....thank you sawma...
      SO,okay sawma was the bully..he was tiny yet so scary...little men do possess somethings you examples..napolean...hitler....!! He is the second eldest in the family...was born long long time ago in 1979...resides near francis's home in kulikawn....!!...
       A luck tawp..i mean GIRLS TRIES TO FLIRT WITH HIM ALL THE TIME..THATS WHAT HE CLAIMS....he is yet to get married which means that he's single...oh yea he's after someone...lets see who it turns out to be....
                    Sawma is nice you know..just that he's a bit pissed with life..anyways do pray for him for he's going to appear for his final will get thru' ..just believe...!!
    Chuan...i miss him a lot esp these days...he's never at home when i do call him up...but anyways this is it about him....more abt him 15 days from now!!---

sawma--the bruu!!