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The bruus last picnic with francis,
ill tell you how it went on that beautiful day..
date---27th july 2003!!!

Francis.....myself and mala.....i remember you !!

       Shahnaz took this picture and titled it the water fight!
So,timeless and so classic..really..francis splashin' water on to
         He had a nice time you know at the was his idea
to go for a picnic..if he only knew it would be his last...i can still hear
his screams..laughter on that day...the way he dived in the water,
the way he stood on the swing and...let the wind do the talking...
It was his cryin; as i write...miss you bruu!

Francis on the swing....
youre killin me francis...

I love this picture really for many reasons...
 anyways,i still remember i fell off from the swing
and wounded my knees and he was the one responsible :)
  I,secretly hoped that he'd fall off tooo,,my wish came true
seconds later..when he too fell off and wounded himself...
  i pointed my fingers towards him and laughed my f*** as off
at him..i do still remember the agony he was in....seconds later we were frens again though....also seen in the picture sawma!

Where are you now?

    this picture ..mala and myself were in the pool,
everyone declined to enter since it was drizzling a bit and was a bit cold,
Mala and i knew who our victim would be,then while i was posin;for pictures with my underwears at the side of the pool,mala had already
pulled him in,made him wet all over...he got pissed but then
he didnt show it...francis by theway no matter what would never show nor tell you that he was pissed..he kept things to himself always...
  so,let me continue..the three of us were the only fools inside...francis had no option but to enjoy the predicament he was in,he had no choice...
  So,he and mala had new evil plans...their victim ..israel....they forced him inside the pool..dived at him...then it happened...israel got angry and started breakin' act which ultimately ended the picnic...:)
     but then later we all compromised and danced on the streets of aizawl....oh by the way this picnic is available on DVD' israel!


In case your wonderin who the girl is,
its mahriati....the only girl who came apart from
my sister shahnaz and terine...this picture was taken
before anyythin happened.....How i miss this day really,
       july 27th.2003!..also seen in the picture..sawma,mahriati,
lala,steve and myself and francis....!!


      Now this one is really cool too...steve with the camera and them(mala,isa,ahmaii,francis)posin ' kinda stunned lookin; at these pictures coz..its the first time im seein it sister kept these pictures with her in vienna and me never bothered about asking for it,
  So,she took about maybe 15 rolls..and its weird that she focussed everythin towards you can see it for yourself...i asked her last night too abt it..too...its like she knew all along that it was gona be his last..gona be..deja if francis were alive,i'd be disappointed for not featurin me as frequent as francis or whoever....but then now,,i feel she has done the right thing...still i find it strange should see the video clippings of this picnic..its his show    all the way....!!

MALA--SWIMMING,,Probably smilin at francis!!

Mala......dont know ive been seein' him in my dreams almost everynight..anyways it was mala and francis who took all the pain to book the picnic was a state holiday or something..still francis and mala made it happen....
          I,reached francis place around 9.30am,mala and francis were busy with the accounts was raining heavily too..and was cold....
after everything...we all pushed off to the picnic spot...
        Myself,israel,ahmaii..terine and mahriati left in my gypsy earlier while francis,paul and mala reached half n hour later...they were screaming and laughin out loudly inside the car.....then we sat in one corner,,,sang some songs...did everything we were meant to do!!...steve,sawma and lala as always reached late....

ISA And Ahmaii!!
two is the loneliest number!!

Okay ladies and gentleman let me introduce Ahmaii,
she's israel's girlfren for about a year now.....the two of them
were quiet and isolated themselves while we the rest were busy
on the swing...some dancing..some farting!!gross na!!.. now you know who isa's gf is..dont ever ask me again!

salim--dive dive dive in me!!

okay so now this is me..tryin to whatever,
i had a great time you know,dont be surprised coz' it was my first picnic with the bruus..i, never went with them earlier maybe coz i was not there in aizawl..even if i were there i'd always decline the offer...also my first picnic in my life too...!
            Anyways,there are some other pictures waiting in the frame...ill put them up say after christmas or maybe after january....but i hope that you all will enjoy these pictures of the bruus picnic,,just as we had a nice time there on the 27th of july 03...with francis!!!