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                             LIFE goes On 
           I, was thinking what Nu pari must be going through,
 losin' a husband in 2002 and now Francis...
 mAkes me realise how strong she really is...and that im really proud of her....
        Mala among us is the most matured and how can i forget his speech that day.....Nu pari is not alone..nor francis's siblings..I,know
that deep inside of me and the bruus we are there..always...
        i,still cry at night and this aint easy to admit...and no one needs to when i think abt Nu pari..i can imagine the tears she must be
 shedding every night...the wounds for her i know will never heal....
    Its not sympathy..its something more than that...So she really makes
 me wonder...and when i think about my own mother,,,she shouldnt be
 complaining..for she's yet to lose anyone in her life..not that im comparing anything...But i admire  the strength and character of My Nu pari...and all that i want her to know is that She havent lost anyone..
 for im there...israel..mala..sawma..lala..and the rest of the bruus...if only she can call us her SOns..we all are...till the end of time...
                        -salim zothanpuia on behalf of the BRuus


                        francis---what i know abt him
      This one is a bit funny..francis for that matter everyone
 used to tease me about this incident which happened way back in 2001...during that period mom and dad never allowed me to take the car out for reasons i dont okay,it
was late and we all were sitting in front of that pool parlour and no one was ready to drop me  home francis  gave me this 100 dinars and he gave this philosophical statement "what are frens for and all that"   that 100 dinars which he gave me was meant for my taxi fare...instead of hiring one,
i took a bus ride all the way back home to chawlhmun..which costed me about 6 rupees or something :) when francis heard about..he took it to the town....and for him its one thing he loved the most about me ...he never erased that incident even 2 days before his end came..he was like "slim-a a lawmawm khop mai motor i rawn la chhuak thei tawh hi chu,taxi fare vel pek i chak awm loh ropui si,,,eiruk hrat bawk si"...and i remember running after him till the College veng field for that....little did i know that it would be the last time he'd be laughing at me...little did i know.....!
           Really, my friendship with him lasted 24 full years..and in those years Francis never gave me this room to complain about him...okay he used to get to my nerves especially when i say something and he'd just dismiss it as just another lie!...hmm!
              He was close to all his siblings especially Remsanga..and He loved benjamin with all his heart..he talks about them all the time esp when we're in that 'I WANA GET HIGH"stage...he loved his family...Changes came his way as i saw it when his Father Pa clement passed away in january that time i was here in Nagpur..and when i saw him again on that very year..he was carryin' too many burdens...he changed..obvious i know...but he never showed it...but i really dont know he made me his Agony AUnt....but then i guess life is all about glad that i know little of him...
   Francis is so protective of me..maybe coz of the fact that im mixed breed ...he's caring but not so expressive...there were times especially in school when he'd get into fights coz of me...and even last october..there was this Bandh called by the local students which non mizos were not allowed to stray out..he came all the way from kulikawn by Bus that too..and i wasnt aware of the when the time came for him to leave..i was like Francis let me drop u off...he declined...till the end..and i asked him why....'oh an lo shock palh ang che...ho mai mai bus in ka haw dawn..kut an lo thlak palh che chuan kan thin rim lutuk palh ang..thlah lo mai rawh..
   he was like that...protective of everyone...and i miss  him really...and i still cant believe...that he's really gone...
p.s :ill be writing more about him...and yes ill be inviting the bruss  to write something down here as well....till then chow!