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Francis and the bruus!!

                            (The original bruus )
THE original bruus came into existence back in 1985.
  it all started at this school named Mary mount school,The only recent additions to the bruus are the two brothers mala and lala.
   The meaning of bruus..means brotherhood,it means everything i guess...Anyways,its a great feelin' that we are still very much together,still very much one has changed in these years...maybe a bit matured thats all...Okay mary mount..myself,israel,paul and a host of others put together a band named "smooth dynasty"*(yea alright we didnt have instruments at all)
 and the only place where we got to perform was at the classroom durin' the lunch break..we even had a song named "i live in mizoram"which kinda became the school anthem :)..we werent  good in studies,the reason being that we never studied..francis of course was the most hardworking one,always would secure a place in the top ten.....Teachers were not impressed by our antics..we werent naughty just misunderstood..i have no bad feelings for them for that matter!
 The only original bruu who left us for some other group was this guy named Clive anthony..he's very much alive though!...After mary mount luckily for us we managed to enter the same high high,,
that was when mala and lala joined the circle..hopin' they've not regretted the decision in any ways..This school gave us the platform to even further cement the bruu was gettin clear that we could not do without each other,also..we were growin up at a quick pace,hormones outgrowin the mind...we had girlfrens...lucky again none of us are GAYS!!...Among the bruus..myself and msta were dropped at the selection exams..:( ..still we all managed to get thru' the matric exams..francis gettin the honours again passin' out in distinction...
    A Year later we were all apart...msta went down south,so did paul,steve,francis..lala went off to darjeeling..israel to nainital and myself to delhi...then like i mentioned earlier internet was still a mystery,phone calls  to each other were rare...but we wrote to each other...about the new experiences we were facing....we missed each other you know...
         Still further durin our college years we were still very much apart..its only now that we' are making amends with the time lost...we were havin' all the fun..all the best things happening to us till the time Francis died....
         i believe that the originalbruus will go on...we'll be together...and francis will always be the most original bruu..always a part of us...!

Time goes wherever you are
Time is your guiding star
That shines through all your life
Makes you feel and move

My dreams are out in the far
So are yours a part
Of secret fairy tales
Dripped on the wings of a mystery mill

Happier times...salim,isa,byron,mala...sawma

                 Are we SINGLE????----OKAY YAAR ILL TELL YOU ALL....!!!

     hMM Francis wasnt at all single...Israel aint single too...i know his girlfrens name..give me 10 lakhs and ill tell you ppl her am waiting for the cheque......oh ya LALA is very much single...laid low for a while coz somethin happened to his life...girls can have a go at him..his phone number is 2322901---a lerh ang ka ring!!--a duh chhe ve ang reng----

  Now MALA sorry is married to Mamuani and is blessed with a beautiful baby girl whos about 3 years of age now....Sawma according to after some of luck which means that pretty soon he wont be single----Mahruaitea is married to ANgaih1 so tough luck ppl......BYRON IS SINGLEEEE--HE'S FOR FREE!!!.....sTEPHEN --SINGLE--

as for PAUL LALTHANGZELA...A hmu zo thlot lo..but then he'll come around ...let him study ..he's our computer engineer.....azuala loves those little school beware he could be the next MIchael jackson!!!...Salim a pawh a hmuzo lo--pray for him as for the rest ill let you know pretty soon!!!!

  Okay whatever--now you know!!


Don't feel alone and depressed
Someone will come at last
To soothe your stumbling mind
To keep it away from the evil storm
Windmill, windmill, keep on turning
Show me the way, Take me today
Windmill, windmill, hearts are yearning
Longing for love and a chance to be free