New fotoz!!

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israel and i..june 5th 2004..
pwd tlang..!! and still they're
hard to keep me in my place...


the launching of Big bang restaurant owned
by Mala...lala and isa performing the john mayer's
no #1 hit single "your body is a wonderland"...kinda
went well with the crowd... :)


Sawma ...and me.....
  There is a time for everything..a time
to turn loose..a time to bleed..a time to
drink all the available alcohol..a time to
get serious..and a time to get back to the
life u know...we all will stop


Francis(extreme left),isaac and azuala...
  Thought i would throw this one away since
enlargin it wont help in anyways...sairang 2002...


Valerie and mala...
  valerie's cousin of mala ...she knows all
the originalbruus..have been a part of our lives
since her childhood..she's now based in the capital
city Delhi...