Jesus help the Originalbruus!!

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                   "  A journey that could last the bruus "    
 "The deafenin' screams of thunder allowin' me to go on,ive seen the world,lived once here..have seen it thru' my eyes"  
           Deep down inside,i know that we all(the bruus)are tryin ' to come to terms with life, we have lost so much in these past few months already..The cliched advice that we're receivin' from all quarters is that we should put things behind us and move i find it all so insensitive,i  find it insensitive...!!
       Im happy to receive calls,messages,emails..from ppl whom i know i would never meet in my life,its encouragin' really..messages like "you guys should always stick together"and so here comes the reality...
      Okay,we the originalbruus are as old as the hills,we have been together,we have gone thru' it and you got it!..Francis death has really shaken the foundation in many many ways,not that i mean it has weakened the bondings,its makin' it let me say firmer and stronger..okay anyways...i know that few years down the road,,we'd all be livin' a changed lives..marriages, will change it all..thats it is we  all are evolving...personally,im gettin' more spiritual..gettin' more aware of the future that is just so like i said more changes are on its way...but theres so many thing that i believe are meant to last...coz i believe  that we the originalbruus will last....when francis was alive,we all would talk about how much we love and care for each other,how we all cant do without each statement which was proven true when his death came to visit us!...
       Some say that time friends can become strangers...i know no matter what,no matter how great the misunderstandings and fights we'd go thru in the future..i know that we'd sort it out somehow...we've done it before..we will do it again....we havent let any factor come between us really be it money ...the opposite sexes...parents etc etc....maybe the trust factor is high or maybe we were and are just meant to be together...stick to each other..laugh..cry..everythin' together.....its been a long road to recovery since francis left tellin' u its been really really tough tryin' to say okay enough with mourning,now's  the time to find out why...but at the end of the day...that shock would just bring all of us sure the same is true with anyone who knew sure you all are still shocked and hangin' your head in disbelief...
          Okay,at the moment we are here,there and everywhere...i cant wait for the summer to arrive when id get to be at home and be with the bruus...i know that we'd still be doing what we do best..maybe fool around,make everyone around us smile..or cry...i know that we'd all go for picnics and all that...but what i dont know is about the emptiness that each bruu member would be carryin' then...the void that francis has caused to us...maybe we all will be happy again...but then at the conscious or subconscious level,,he'd always be there....wish i could call life unfair..but then what ive realised that this life is not ours,,,its owned by the questioning God wont help.....Maybe Francis was just too good to stay here on this world full of hypocrisy,deceit,lies,betrayal...God maybe didnt want him to be a part of this anymore...Maybe God loved him more than he loves us..thats why francis is with him now....And i know that God will take care of him,see thru' his day...and i know and i believe that Francis is happy up there and im sure that he wants all of us to go back  to where we were....a   death of a brother,a friend ,a we miss i miss him...
  i pray to God that from this moment on He'd be with the originalbruus and his family...always be  with us and  with Francis.....!
         -on behalf of the bruus,
           the author!

THE original BRuus PORnograffiti!!

mAYBE I just dont believe!!
the Original ..very original bruus!!

the bruus ...dinner..whatever!

yawn...there's more new pics comin ur wait!