Israel's thoughts

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 with cancer eatin away half of my
lungs..the bruus are helpin me by
writin stuffs for the website...startin with
israel ..this is his page..his thoughts..
 israel is now in mumbai for his post grads.
---salim(8.07.04)...p.s new pictures to be posted on
the it if u want to...

lalhrilha nen hian kg-2 atang in kan inhre
tan a,chutih lai chuan lalthantluanga nen kan
pathum in kan inkawm thin.Chumi hun vela
tang chuaun kan in kawm ngaih tan tawh ani.
   Vawi khat chu ka cousin in chemte min siam sak
lalhrilha hian a awt lutuk a banah kan inah
rawn kal la CHUan ka Dc comics nen in thleng ang a tia,,mahse ka phal lo a...cheng 3 in ka lei tir ta zawk a ni :)!
 Fanghmir hi aquarium ah an khawi thin a,,school ban apiang in an inah leng pah in kan en thin


kan school luh ho lai :
  sawi tak ang khan lalhrilha nen hian kg-2 atangin
inkawm tan kan ni a ..kei mi harh lo zawk zawk ka lo
ni bik lo nen kan combi a tha deuh a niang ..kan sister
ho ten nikhata vawi khat tal min vuak loh hi chuan a mak lampang ani zawk thin...
   HIgh school st pauls ah kan kal chho in sak
lai a ni a, a pa te inhnuai ah an awm thin a ..zing dar sarih(7) vel hian an inah cartoon show pakhat Force 5 ka en ziah..
   Lalhrilha hi mi lekha thiamthei tak ani a..a tihtauh
pawn a thin rim hrik thlak nan lehkha a zir nghek zel..
amah chiah kha kan bruu ho ah hian matric a distinction a pass awm chhun ani...

originalbruus ho hi:
   Bruu ho hi ka unaute..ka unaupa te an nia.
kei ,francis,salim,ava.msta..hi kg-1 atang inkawm kan ni. Paul-a hi class 4 ah a rawn lut a,ka ti duh dah thei hle..sawma pawh hi class 4 a fail avang in kan in pawl
rual chho ta ani..sawma hi kan senior a nih lai chuan
tiffin time apiang hian tiffin a rawn khawn thin a..vawi
khat phei chu kan insual a,ka la hneh lo zui...
 High school st pauls ah kan kal leh vek a..mala kan
han tawng chu DAWT hlir min hrilh nghal a..salim a hian vawi khat chu mala hi thingthi ngawihngawih in
a dila a pe phal lo zui..khatiang atang khan kan in
unauna a tan tih an hre der lo(he he )..
 lala a lo awm bawk a ..class 8 kum tawp lam atang in
kan in kawm tak tak ta vek ani tun thlengin...

lalhrilha ka hmuhhnu hnun ber leh a thi
tih ka hriat zan...
      Lalhrilha chu a boral hma kar khat vel kha kan
in hmulova..ka hmuh hnuhnun ber chu lala nen kulikawn
ah kan kual a..min lo ko a dawr atang in...
 a thi tih ka hriat dan chu.....selection test kan neih lai ani a,
first paper ka tih tauh avangin ka exam lo a,a second paper
pek dawn zan dar 8 velah khumah thu chungin lekha ka lo zir a...chuan mala hian min rawn phone a..francis a accident tih min rawn hrilh a..chutih hun lai chuan a thi tih kan la hre lo
dun ve ve ani..chuan lala kan sawm a ,,a accident na hmun kan pan nghal a..........what francis has taught me is that
" friendship is make the best use of it....

message for francis's family and a song
i would like to dedicate...:
   ka nu strong..keini kan awm a..engmah
hlauhthawng suh...we are one!
 and the song i like to dedicate for francis and all the people
who knew him is "say anything" by good charlotte..
    "here i am on the phone again and awkward silences on the other hand...i used to know the sound of your smile in your voice..but rite now all i feel is the pain of fightin startin up again..all the things we talked about you know they stay on my mind..all the things we laugh about they'd bring us thru
everytime...dont say a word..i know u wana stay..just give me a sign...say anything..say anything",,,
  some say that time frens can become strangers..but i dont want that not with you..if u just
stay with me we can make it thru.......