Steve and pAul!

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      Steve used to bully me  a lot..was so scared of him..kinda weird now that we are on good terms and hey we;re part of the same family called the BRUUs....Steve after mary mount think left for South...where he completed both his class 12 and graduations along with LT.francis....
        As of now he's in his Final year M.A(HISTORY)...Yes,and is based in shillong....
     Steve is the eldest too among them siblings of let me count ...3!...i,really like his mother for she reminds me of my mother(makin sense) !!--yea anyways he recently broke up with his girlfriend and now is well single....he with his family resides at Tlangnuam,aizawl......He'll be home for christmas so try to catch him there.....


       Paul LT zela---the loose machine----!!!
Francis and isa would make fun of his favourite song..khoi lam alu nge maw i nih le???? PAul the silchar kid who entered the bruu in class 4-Oh ya me remembers,,he played the guitar for me on that famous day..when i got f*** that song by bryan adams...gosh he was the first witness of my ultimate act on stage...we've always liked each other ....
     After St.pauls...he went off to Yercaud with steve and francis....after 12 ..he got thru the computer engineering in his final year..based in Mandya,KARnataka....
    He might come to nagpur to visit me,it would be an honour for me to HAVE RONALDINHO AS A GUEST...ill let u know all about our adventures if he gets to come here....he really looks like RONALDINHO...!!! HIS CONTACT NUMBER IS 09886197721...
      pAul is the second youngest in them siblings of 5..his brother OSbourne(rip) passed away a few years ago....!!!
       -will call him up tonight--this is about paul...and yea chass a hmuzo lo...!!!

Paul lt.zela!!

paul's long lost brother!!!