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Memories part-2...
        Thank you To remsanga(he's francis's
younger brother)for sending me this pictures...:)
so cute on his part.....!!


This was 2002...during the world cup...fRANCIS'S
with the long hair...everyone agrees even now that
it suited him really the time i got home then in
the summer he had already trimmed it....Yea okay...also
seen in the pic are,,,paul..lala..mamuani..mala..apuii..
azuala and Sawma--yeps the one with the perfect pose  :)


Mala hi a chhe mai mai :))...okay..they all look
so content..and happy...And francis really2 looks
cool and happening in this pic..hmm..paul ..apuii..
and yea sawma again...!!!!!!


This picture is straight out from the past...
 our first get together since we all left for higher
education elsewhere...we were all home for christmas
..1997 that was......this picture was taken after israel,
msta and lala met this freak accident...and come to think of
it....this one is Pure Nirvana....and i like this pic very very