visions of a madman(new)

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                              Visions of a Madman-Salim j zothanpuia
    rain is falling,the clouds seems to have finally come to
cool down the sun and as the madman watches the happenings from his window..he starts to ponder about his
visions that has been haunting him for the past two years.."is it true" he sighs,,scared if he comes out and talk about he might be stoned and abused but this he's left with no choice,as it is the madman is currently recovering from a heartache..his days of fun are over..alcohol seems to be his only companion but now even the alcohol believes that this
mad man is getting more and more psychotic than ever before.."what is happening to me?,and why is it happening to me"?sings his thoughts and now he knows that he is safe in his own world...happy if he could be...
       a new day dawns"my pal has been dead for two years and should i talk about the visions that i saw to one or two people who might believe me"..."maybe i should so he starts writing and though the chances of him being postively labelled a "lunatic" ran high..he thought to himself "ive got nothing to lose".."as it is i dont owe anyone an apology for my mental state..this is what i am" and as he writes ..he gave a soft smile only seen by the trees........
      'OKAY,these are the visions that i saw dear Mom"..."im sorry if this is gona make you cry..but then he's been trying to reach out to you ever since he left and of all the people ..he came and talked to his insane friend"...."he came smiling mom" wrote the lunatic..and "asked me do i still look like the person you used to know" reactions were simple..."i remember touching his face and me telling him "how different can you be..though okay you did looked very very strange when we came to your funeral"...i remember mom that  'we were both hesitant to talk about it..but then deep inside i knew that he really wanted to talk"..i was scared mom ..i really was..cos he's been coming to me every night...and running away means that he'll come back for more...and i had to stop him and the only way was to face the fear...and simply sit and
listen like i used to when he was alive"
          He said "i thought i would survive the fall,maybe i died half way coz i saw moments later people in the dark carrying our bodies...then i thought i have survived indeed but then this girl who has been dead for years came up to me and are dead"...there was a moment of silence when he said those things..."and mom believe me i really was silent"
   So he continues that "i was always destined to and its okay up there" mind began to search for questions ...and thank god it came to me at the right i asked.."how was it like? "at first he said...i was flying in the thin atmosphere...and i felt light and so free"..the mad man interupts.."no no thats not what i meant how did you feel after you were told that you were dead by that girl"??...a brief silence later..."i wasnt shocked,but yes in the days that followed i terribly miss the people back on earth...i was depressed for a few days up there"....the madman a bit irritated "why mate,why come to me always?" which he replied..."coz you are the only choice..the others are not ready".....then the madman shot another question..any messages??...."no no he said,coz i came just to tell you and all of the people who knew me that i never felt a pain while we
were going down and that im okay and coping well up there...and that tell them im in a place where everyone smiles"....."mom after that we stopped talking but yes he said "in fact dont be scared to leave this earth,for life just get started in that world where i now belong"....a few moments later he disappeared....and i woke up only with the memories of the visions and nothing else".....
   that is all mom...he wanted to reach out and tell you that he is very fine and that he's watching you all the time"
  The madman finished writing all these and breathe a huge sigh of relief...."now he will be heard"...and as always gave a soft smile...and ran towards the door and into the rain....
           and as he passed the people on the street....they whispered to themselves..."this madman is happy todayY"