Francis And a year

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  From left:_
sawma,mala,francis and pu mama....
    what ive learned from francis and
life in particular is that nothin' last forever..
 and that people deletes you from them
membranes the moment one is thats
what they call Great expectations...
        i,Myself will go too someday and i expect the
same fate ...but yes i have a chance to make amends with
everything..correct my mistakes..all my imperfections...and
move on with life..francis is missed so dearly especially i...
and wish i could do everything for him..not that he's dead..even if he were alive and if he were in need..i'd surely
be there...coz i know im not a poison,,,nor a thorn in his pride..
   Time will do the will


Hemi pic hi mumbai ah a lak ania..
  a pa dam lo tak tak tan lai vel..lehkha hi
chuan min rawn thawn a...a thil ziah chu
  " tih ngaih na pawh ka hre tawh lo,ka pa
hi a awm tawh dawn si lova,ka rilru hi a buai
tak zet tawh ani..hun lo deuhva hetiang a
pathian in mawhphurna min pek tak hi kei chuan
ka zawh ka ring lo,ka lehkha zir te pawh hi a tui
vak lo..B.a final exam a hnai tawh si nen..ka fail ka
    Khati khawp khan nia lalhrilha hi a rilru a buai tan chu
mahse a ti lang ngai lo reng reng a..sawi pawh a sawi chhuak
vak ngai hek lo..a boral hma ni khan kan inah a rawn leng a
chuta a thil min hrilh chu..."keini pawh hi thian thian kan intia
tak tak ni se ka ti,ngatichu ka pa an boral chiah a ..a thian tha
ber te ho khi kan inah an rawn kal leh pawh hi ka hre tawh lo..
ka pa hmelma emaw ka lo tih thin ho khi an rawn lang tam zawk"
   Amah khan a vui ani ber a...mi te hi a rel emaw a sawi chhe hek ngai
lova..a thinrima thil a sawi tawh chuan a lawm lo hle tih na ani mai..
  im thankful ngatichu min ring em a..thil engkim hi min hrilh ngam a..
thank you for francis for being my friend...i dam lai khan lo hrilh hman
che ila ...