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The picnic day--Well..francis and mala..the oddest couple :)..
ralph and Yasin, israel and Ahmaii..U duhoma with the guitar...and
Shahnaz....Those were the  days of our lives..when i look..i find...that i
still love you...!


Francis in the Middle..mala and steve..
  Due credits to steve for sending me these pictures..
Bruu ho chu an la buai hlom em a...nakin an hman deuh hunah,,
thil ka la ziah tir ve treuh ang..I mean..kei ai pawn francis-a
thih hi an la na zawk tih ka hria a...its all about timings..So,
when the right time comes along..ill give them authority to
say anything here ....WE all love you Francis..we really do!


Mala,israel and ahmaii..francis..
     Whatever you do..whatever you
should know that its alrite...Hearts are broken
Francis..and i think you should know that....
 Mittui hi chu a la tla duh hle mai...hreawm thrin...
tih theih awm se ka ti...then i would do have
him back...!


Francis ,sawma and U duhoma
  when it comes to the bruus..inkawm ngaih bik
hi kan awm a...kei leh isa kan in kawm ngaih fal a..
chuti bawk lala leh mala etc etc...
  Francis ah leh Sawma te pawh hi an in kawm
ngaih bik ...a boral tih kan hriat zan leh kan vuini
te phei khan chuan Sawma hmel kha kei hmuh hreawm
ka ti ber a..Midang hmuh hreawm ka tih na nilovin..
  i Could sense What he was feeling...he felt he lost it all..
...This world is a vampire really..and im tired of it too..!!