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                   Light my candles in a daze coz i found God
                                       -kurt cobain
                  seen with me----> sena and zothansanga
    Francisworld will be updated very soon...cant believe that
its gona be 4 months since Francis died...the summers here,,the
leaves are falling again...and i can see people smiling everywhere...
maybe they're all goin back to where they truly belong...Ill be home
soon francis...just another 3 months hold on...missin' you
very very much...


    I wonder 'bout ur inside,its like ur thoughts
are too big for your size...alone without you francis..i,really am...
thought of writing u a letter which i did....but it will never reach you...
coz youre off again...


 I know a man..his face seemed so pulled and tense,
like he's ridin on a motorbike in the strongest winds...
so i approach with tact..suggest i should relax...
he's always movin' and movin real fast....


 Havent been doing too well and have been
 a bit too busy for me 2 update wonder
theres a decline in the number of visitors..ill do my very best to
update the contents and paste some never before seen pictures of francis
and the rest of of now israel is busy with his exams..sawma recovering
from the whatever he went thru'...!
   ALso please pray for francis's mother Nu pari who is currently in mumbai
undergoing treatment and for the rest of the family...ILL talk to u guys soon..thank you all again for the love and the support..!
      as for now u can have a glance of my pictures..ill replace them as soon as i get fresh ones from aizawl!!